Debbie Carroll | Fashion Designer & Stylist

Debbie Carroll is an award-winning, Irish-born fashion designer, and stylist based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Belfast native came to the United States as a part of the world-renowned dance group, Lord of the Dance, and after a residency with the group in Las Vegas, she decided to stay and make it her home.

Debbie started her brand upon realizing the differences between European and American fashion. She wanted to create pieces that resemble the designs and styles she was accustomed to back at home and decided to put a more modern and elegant twist on them. Debbie Carroll Design was born, and she has made it her passion to create stunning pieces for celebrities, pageant contestants, and fitness models.

For Debbie, each design has to go through an intricate process where she very carefully and meticulously plans every detail down to the last stitch. With great attention to detail, and the ability to create the most stunning pieces for any occasion, she has truly become an unstoppable force in the fashion and pageant gown industry. Her creativity and vision have allowed her to expand her lines and offer bespoke dresses and gowns for some incredible women throughout the world.

Debbie Carroll Design is the winner of the Best Pageant Dress Designer of 2021 – proving that this brand deserves a crown just like the royalty that it is.