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The Jumpsuit Takeover

Debbie Carroll Design Hera Halter Sequin Jumpsuit in Black & Blue

The Jumpsuit Takeover

What is a jumpsuit? And why is it now taking over the fashion world?

A jumpsuit is a typically form-fitting one-piece garment that covers the arms, and torso all the way down to the legs.

It was first invented in 1919 for parachuters who are, well, jumping out of a plane. It was later introduced to the fashion industry in the 1930s by Elsa Schiaparelli.

Not to be confused with an overall/coverall or boiler suit, which has more of a looser fit and utilitarian feel to them and were mostly used as workwear, or dungarees, which were invented by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis in the 1890s.

Because of the slimmer cut and more flattering form, the jumpsuit was the first one to make it to the fashion world. Mostly created for elegant women of a certain stature, and what started as something only a few could afford or wear, suddenly, jumpsuits are not just for jumping out of planes anymore. They’re now one of the most essential clothing pieces everyone should have in their closet!

But why should you have (a) jumpsuit(s)?

First, let’s talk form…

One word – elongating!

Jumpsuits are meant to give that tall and statuesque illusion. A way to accentuate one’s form.


Mrs. Nevada American 2021, Leslie Smith in custom designMrs Nevada American Mrs. Nevada American 2021, Leslie Smith in custom Debbie Carroll Design2021 Leslie Smith


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Many people are afraid to try out or commit to wearing jumpsuits because they think it looks unflattering or, for some, it even makes them look shorter or stockier. Picking the right jumpsuit for your body type can be tricky, just like every other piece of clothing, so really, the time you spend looking for the perfect fit shouldn’t be any less than the time you spend shopping for anything else. Much like everything else, the perfect jumpsuit for you is out there somewhere.

Or better yet, why not have your own custom piece made exactly the way you want it?


Lilly Ghalichi in custom Debbie Carroll DesignLilly Ghalichi in custom Debbie Carroll Design


Create your custom design!


Second, function.

Jumpsuits, being a long, single piece of clothing makes it much easier, in a sense, to wear. You can easily slip in and out of them. You’ll spend less time trying to pair up your top with your bottom as you’re already wearing both of them at once. All you have to do is throw them on, accessorize, and you’re good to go. And they’re rather comfortable. After all, they were designed for easy movement and comfort.


And third, style!

There is a reason this piece of clothing that was originally for utilitarian work made it into the fashion world. It gives off a great sense of style and versatility. Wearing the perfect jumpsuit not only makes you appear taller but also shows your chicness and confidence.


 Miss Hawaii USA 2021, Allison Chu in custom designMiss Hawaii USA 2021, Allison Chu in custom Debbie Carroll Design


In conclusion, whatever your height, form, or style may be, and for whichever function or occasion you may need them for, may it be an event, brunch, a day in the office, or a night out – maybe even a pageant show – jumpsuits are one of the best wardrobe staples you should have!


Suzy Bootz in our custom Athena White Sequin Jumpsuit
Stunning queen, Suzy Bootz in custom our Athena White Sequin Jumpsuit


Want the perfect jumpsuit custom tailored just for you? Have Debbie Carroll make your new favorite piece! Let’s show off those curves and long strides. Let us help make you feel like the absolute queen you are!

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